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A sports line that was created in parallel with the graphic line when Bibpa was first sold. Planned with the same consciousness for energetic boys and moms. It was well received, so it's a full-fledged re-debut. It has the same Kanoko specifications as a polo shirt and has good breathability, so it is the best friend for sweating. This time, I tried to change the color only on the knees like trekking pants. Are you a man? Girls by all means! Enjoy layering with a T-shirt in the spring, one on your bare skin in the summer, and a long T-shirt or shirt in the fall and winter.

▷ Wearing size:

70-90cm / 28-36in
Chest circumference

54 Length 52-54 cm Fluctuation

Corresponding by snap adjustment of the neck


▷ Model: 1 year and 1 month

▷ Material: 100% cotton (fabric tape)

▷ Planning / Production: Japan





¥4,200 Regular Price
¥2,940Sale Price
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