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 ​Lovely life starting
with a baby.​


We are a small atelier


The couple is steadily planning

and designing.

The origin of ALOHA is LOVE

Noticed and inspired.

Dad's LOVE and mom's LOVE

Overlay, love for the newborn baby

The name of the meaning.

With the birth of the eldest daughter,

while designing to order

From the kids brand ALOHA LOHA

The activity has started.




Costume + styling = Atsuko Nose,

Graphic + art = Tetsuji Hamasaki,

Collaboration from each perspective.



While absorbing the current air

Somehow nostalgic, it comes to my chest.

But it seems to be functional

Research baby wear and accessories.

From the second half of life to

around 2 years old

Have the most fun time raising children

I will help you.

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