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Plenty of frills like angel wings on both shoulders. Ruffles and ribbons like curtains on the chest. The mixed body with cotton linen is both casual and formal. If you are in the shade of a tree in summer, this one is for your bare skin. If you are in an air-conditioned room, put it on simple clothes. In the fall and winter, you can wear it with a shirt or blouse all year round. It goes well with the separately sold bouquet bloomers!

[Sold separately] There is also a gift hanger GH-10010 that can be worn on BIBSY GIRLS. I made it with the image of a white swan. Please feel like a little extra and a surprise when you give it as a gift. Since it is made of cardboard, it may be a casual toy for babies.


▷ Wearing size:

60-80cm / 24-31in
Chest circumference 54

Length 30-32 cm Fluctuation

Corresponding by snap adjustment of the neck


▷ Model: 1 year and 3 months

▷ Material: 100% cotton

▷ Planning / Production: Japan


★ BIBSY is supposed to be worn for a long time of 60 to 80 cm. So that you can use it as a top even if you don't need a bib. However, as it grows larger, the navel area begins to appear. We recommend starting from a young age, such as before the age of half a year.





¥4,200 Regular Price
¥2,940Sale Price
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