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Bloomers with the image of candy wrapping paper. It's kawaii flavor. The cuteness that is common throughout the world. Embroidered logo on the back. Air holes are installed in the left and right knots. With an epoch-making function that ventilates the movement of the child and reduces the stuffiness of the diaper. Variations are expanding with alphabetical theme patterns.

[Sold separately] There is also a special gift box BA-50010BK. The idea of looking into the front and back from a window with rounded corners. A beautiful design with silver foil stamping on a chic black background. I am looking forward to the surprise when it is opened. It's kawaii flavor.

▷ Wearing size:

80-90cm / 32-36in


▷ Model: 2 years old

▷ Material: 100% cotton
The diaper is not transparent

Firm fabric

▷ Planning / Production: Japan





¥3,300 Regular Price
¥2,640Sale Price
  • The white cotton material itself tends to become slightly cloudy due to the friction caused by washing and the brushing of the white cotton material itself. This is a characteristic of pigment prints, which is different from dyes, and the texture changes like denim. Please note that the progress will be accelerated if you wash your hands violently.


    After washing, it is recommended to apply a cloth and iron. Flatten the protrusions that hit the left and right knots, do not make creases, and keep the overall roundness. That's the trick to make the shape of the candy look beautiful when you wear it.

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