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All listed prices include tax.



Alohaloha Little Shop specializing in babies
is also available at each mall.
We also handle cheap outlet products.
Please use all means.

A new generation baby classic.

Kawaii flavor "CANDY BLOOMER"

Bib to wear "BIBSY"

Baby daywear "BIBPA"

Baby wear and accessories.

Express all of them

with the original concept

It is a shop directly managed

by Alohaloha Japan.


International Shipping

We can deliver to any area where EMS is accepted. The shipping cost will be calculated by weight. If you would like to use a method other than EMS, please send us a message. We will check the shipping method and cost.

Shipping within Japan

Nationwide flat rate of 700 yen. Free with a total purchase of 3,980 yen or more (excluding Okinawa, remote islands, and some areas).
●Yamato Transport. Takkyubin (700 yen) or Nekopos (390 yen / no cash on delivery). If the shipping cost changes due to Okinawa, remote islands, or certain areas, or if the number of items ordered increases and cannot fit within the Nekopos size, we will notify you of the adjusted amount.
●Specifying the delivery time: Takkyubin only = Morning, 14:00-16:00, 16:00-18:00, 18:00-20:00, 19:00-21:00 (Enter the desired delivery date in the remarks column).
●Estimated delivery time: We will ship your order within 3 to 5 business days after confirming your order.

Gift Response

It is individually wrapped. Please proceed to the cart and request (no delivery note if the address is the other party's address).


●Casual pack (free)
It depends on the shape and quantity of the product, such as candy wrapping and ribbon tying. In case of individual, please give sorting instructions.
●Formal pack (330 yen)
For important celebrations, please use special wrapping with a gift box. We will wrap it in a simple white box with original wrapping paper and wrap it with a red and white ribbon. 
●Noshi (Name paper / free)
We will attach a Noshi obi with the name "Congratulations" and "Orderer's first and last name". If you have any other requests, please write them in the remarks column.



Credit card, PayPal, and other methods are available. Credit card security uses SSL. Please be assured that your card number will be encrypted and transmitted securely.

Confirmation of order


We will automatically send a confirmation email after the reception, but we may not be able to deliver the email due to an incorrect address or reception refusal setting. If you do not receive it after a while, please contact us. We also sell wholesale at all times, so it may be out of stock. In that case, we will contact you by email later.

Return / Replacement


If the product is out of specification or is caused by our shop, we will promptly replace it with a non-defective product. We cannot accept returns due to customer's convenience (different from the image, size does not fit, etc.). If you wish to exchange it, please contact us within 3 days after the item arrives. We will inform you about the availability of stock and how to replace it.


Privacy Policy


Personal information provided by customers will not be used for anything other than shipping products and contacting us. Our shop will responsibly store and store it safely, and will not transfer or provide it to a third party.

Contact Us


(There is no actual store)
Business hours: Weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00 
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

Phone number: +81-42-201-5907
Operated by: Alohaloha Japan Inc.




We are making things at an old folk house atelier in Kodaira, Tokyo (near the University of Fine Arts).  Baby products, which are our main business, are being wholesaled to children's clothing stores, general stores, and lifestyle shops nationwide. Conceptual items are also highly evaluated overseas. Feel free to use it for your home or as a gift.

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[Recruiting models at any time]

Cute babies around 1 year old, boys and girls alike.

For convenience of shooting, people living

in the suburbs of Tokyo have priority.

Besides that, there is also a monitor model.

On Instagram DM (or email)

Age and height, most recent material photos,

Please let us know your Instagram ID.


aloha: love

alohaloha: love x love = baby


  With a baby properly.



A couple in a costume field and

an art field sow seeds steadily.

   I'm growing it leisurely.  

  Thank you.

nose & hamasaki

[Please feel free to contact us

if you are a retailer who wants to wholesale]

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