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BIBO which reviewed the basics of bib. While pursuing a compact size that does not burden the baby's movements, it is an egg form that has been left with the most used surface expanded. BIBO embroidery on the back waterproof pile that can also be used reversibly. I also considered a BIBO-doll package that makes gifts fun.


And baby pants HIPO that gently wraps the hips. A three-dimensional cut that matches the shape of the buttocks with cute gathers. HIPO embroidery on the back. Feel free to use it as a diaper cover or as a daily playsuit.


[Sold separately] There is also a special gift box BH-10010WH that contains two items. The idea is to put each one back to back and look through an egg-shaped window. The gold foil stamping is a beautiful design. Let's pray for the wonderful life of Golden Egg and give a smile to your family. Have a wonderful life!

▷ Wearing size:

60-80cm / 23-31in


▷ Model: 11 months, 1 year old

▷ Material: 100% cotton (beige)

BIBO lining is 80% cotton 20% polyester

Polyurethane laminate

▷ Planning / Production: Japan





¥3,600 Regular Price
¥1,800Sale Price
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