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The latest work, pig's PIGPA is now available. The front section has cute ribbon-like ears on a chubby face. A tail is printed on the buttocks. If you go out in a warm and cheerful mood, will the eyes around you smile unintentionally? The pink color is of course for girls, but it might be even more fashionable if boys wear it. You can Instagrammable anywhere. Enjoy layering with a T-shirt in the spring, one on bare skin in the summer, and a long-sleeved shirt in the fall and winter.

▷ Wearing size:

70-90cm / 28-36in
Chest measurement 54 Length 52-54cm fluctuation

Supports snap adjustment on the neck

▷Material: 100% cotton sheeting (fabric tape)

▷ Planning and production: Japan




¥4,000 Regular Price
¥3,200Sale Price
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