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[Direct sales special price] Affordable price because we want you to try it! The most basic BIBPA with plain specifications that are easy to wear. It's easy to put on and take off, so it's a big success in heavy rotation from about the second half of life to over two years old. Enjoy layering with a T-shirt in the spring, one on your bare skin in the summer, and a long T-shirt or shirt in the fall and winter.

▷ Wearing size:

70-90cm / 28-36in
Chest circumference

54 Length 46-50cm Fluctuation

Corresponding by snap

adjustment of the neck


▷ Model: 11 months and 1 year old

▷ Material: 100% cotton

▷ Planning / Production: Japan





¥3,000 Regular Price
¥1,800Sale Price
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